Questions & Answers about Homework

  • How do I help my student with homework when I'm not available after school?
    Risdon Middle School will have homework clubs available after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The Newcastle branch of the King County Library System (east on Newcastle Way from school) also has resources and programs that can help your student complete their assignments.  Please refer to the After-School Programs on this website.
    How do I help my student with homework when I don't know the answers?
    You can help your student by setting aside time and a quiet place that is just for doing homework.  Check over assignments and ask questions of your student--your child will learn even more from teaching the concepts from the assignment to you! You may also guide your student on accessing additional resources, such as through the public library or online... consider reinforcing with your student the need to consider the accuracy of various online sources. 
    What if my student says there is no homework?
    Check your student's school planner which should have the assignments written down for each class. Then, ask to see each assignment and ask questions about it.  All of our teachers update their students' grades regularly.  Finally, feel free to communicate with your student's teachers about any missing or incomplete assignments, or if you're just unsure.