Discipline Policies


    Renton Park Elementary promotes a positive learning environment that contributes to the success of all students.  We view all misbehavior as a learning opportunity.  All staff members use a number of teaching/intervention strategies to help students be successful in and out of the classroom.  In the event that a student chooses to behave in a way that is unsafe or interferes with the learning environment, Renton Park uses a progressive discipline policy to help students to make good choices.  An explanation of discipline terms can be found on the following  pages.

    Minor Referral – A minor referral is given for minor behavior problems or for first time offenses.  After multiple classroom interventions, if a behavior continues a student may receive a minor consequence such as missing a recess.  Minor referrals must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to school the following day (see following examples).  The third minor referral in one trimester will result in a major referral.

    Major Referral – If a problem behavior is repeated or if a major problem behavior occurs, it may result in a major referral.  Consequences for major referrals are determined by the Administrator and/or the student’s prior offenses.  Major referrals must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to school the following day.  Please note that a major referral can be given for first time offenses if the behavior warrants.  (see following examples)

    Once a child is referred to the principal for misbehavior, students will conference with school administrators and can expect the following progressive consequences: time out; one or more days of detention during recesses; in school detention of 1-5 days; or short term suspension of 1-5 days.  Parents will be notified by letter or telephone.  More serious or repetitive the misbehavior will result in more serious the consequence.  Some examples of behavior which may result in immediate suspension include the use or sale of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and acts that are a serious concern for individuals or the school.  Students who bring weapons or firearms to school can expect to be expelled.

    Renton Park Discipline Referral Plan (DRP) – Every major referral will come home with a DRP. The DRP keeps track of referrals and shows which consequences are warranted based on the number of referral incidents. Severe concerns may necessitate more severe consequences (see following examples). Students have the opportunity to have a fresh start at the beginning of each trimester.

    Way-to-Go Recess – To promote our positive learning environment, Renton Park rewards students for making the right choices.  At the end of every month we offer a school wide additional recess.  This recess is for students who have not received any major referrals or suspensions over the past month or have not received more than three minor referrals in the past two months.  Students who do not qualify for the Way-to-Go Recess spend that time with a designated staff member working on ways to be more successful during the next month.

    Anti-Bullying Pledge


    We at Renton Park Elementary School are committed to making school a safe and caring place for everyone.  We will treat each other with respect, and we will refuse to tolerate bullying in any form at school.

    Bullying is when a student or students are being exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more students.

    Bullying exists

      • when there is intentional harm-doing
      • where a negative action is repeated over time
      • and there is an imbalance of power


    Bullying behavior often includes the following:

    • Physically hurting by hitting, tripping, pushing, shoving, kicking, etc.
    • Using name calling, put-downs, teasing, mockery, race/ethnicity, gender, or swearing to insult, intimidate, or make fun of someone.
    • Excluding someone on purpose from a group activity, or trying to get others to not hang out with someone.
    • Using mean/cruel gestures or facial expressions.
    • Taking or damaging someone’s possessions.


    Adults at our school will do the following to help prevent bullying and help students feel safe:

    • Implement the Steps to Respect and Second Step program.
    • Watch for signs of bullying and stop it when it happens.
    • Respond quickly and sensitively to bullying reports.
    • Closely observe students in the building and on the school grounds.
    • Respond to parent/guardians’ concerns regarding bullying.
    • Assign consequences for bullying and notify parents when bullying occurs.
    • Provide immediate consequences for retaliation/revenge against students who report bullying.
    • Support students who have been bullied.


      Anti-Bullying Pledge (continued)


    Students at Renton Park Elementary School will do the following to help prevent bullying:

    • Treat each other with respect.
    • Refuse to bully others.
    • Refuse to let other students be bullied.
    • Refuse to watch, laugh, or join in when someone is being bullied.
    • Try to include everyone in activities, especially those who are often left out.
    • Make an effort to understand other people’s points of view.
    • Report all bullying to an adult.


     The consequences for bullying and encouraging or supporting bullying may include the following:


    • Contact parent/guardian
    • Written report on personal experience with bullying
    • Conference with counselor and/or administrator
    • Conference with parent/guardian, teacher(s), counselor, and administrator
    • Intervention/Detention
    • Suspension from School
    • In-School suspension
    • After-School Detention



    Be Safe

    Show Respect

    Be Responsible







    ·       Follow crossing guard and/or adult instructions.

    ·       Cross only in crosswalks.

    ·       Alert adults to potential problems.

    ·       Only approved 3rd - 5th graders ride their bicycles/scooters.

    ·       Leave scooters in office.

    ·       Walk with a buddy.


    ·       Use appropriate language and tone of voice.

    ·       Take pride in yourself, others, and property.

    ·       Show regard for people and their feelings.

    ·       When appropriate, help others.

    ·       Treat neighbors with respect.

    ·       Promptly leave school grounds at the end of the school day.

    ·       Walk directly to your destination.

    ·       Cross streets only under supervision.

    ·       Take care of school property.




    Pick Up

    ·       Follow bus driver instructions.

    ·       Report problems to bus driver immediately.

    ·       Be safe when waiting for the bus and after you are dropped off.


    ·       Stay seated, facing forward, until your stop. 

    ·       Use a quiet voice and appropriate body language.

    ·       Take care of yourself and your things.


    ·       Be on-time.

    ·       Be responsible for yourself and your actions.

    ·       Wait in designated area.

    ·       Take care of property.



    ·       Arrive no earlier than 8:15 for breakfast or 8:20 if not having breakfast.

    ·       Do not leave school property once you have arrived.

    ·       The playground is closed.

    ·       Line up on your line to wait for the teacher.

    ·       Use appropriate language with everyone.

    ·       Respect school and others’ property.

    ·       Follow adult and/or staff member’s instructions.


    ·       Wait with all belongings on the class lines till teacher arrives. 

    ·       Students may sit or stand and read or talk with friends in line.




    ·       Report to your expected destination immediately.

    ·       Always walk.

    ·       Stay to play on playground with a parent only.


    ·       Follow adult and/or staff member’s instructions.

    ·       Have a plan to leave school before the end of the day.

    ·       Help care for our community.


    ·       Leave building immediately through appropriate exit.

    ·       Discuss where you will meet your siblings outside of the building.

    ·       Discuss after school plans with parents before school day.





    ·       Hands and feet to yourself, facing forward.

    ·       Line up in line order (unless emergency).


    ·       Look at adult for directions. 

    ·       Respect others’ personal space.

    ·       Be Hallway Ready to enter the building.

    ·       Line up immediately when signaled.

    ·       Move silently and walk in a single file line when in the building.

    Rainy Day Lining Up

    ·       Walk quickly to line up undercover.

    ·       Line up as one grade level.

    ·       Use umbrellas only when not under cover.

    ·       Wipe your feet on the cafeteria mat.

    ·       The playground is closed.

    ·       Voices quiet for directions.

    ·       Walk with quiet shoes on the cafeteria floors.

    ·       Face the cafeteria doors to look for your grade level teacher.

    ·       Stay out of the rain (extra clothing isn’t available to change into).


    “Hallway Ready”

    ·       Walk in single file.

    ·       Walk in line order.

    ·       Hands and feet to yourself facing forward.

    ·       Keep outside doors closed.

    ·       Hands behind your back.

    ·       Mouths are closed.

    ·       Walk silently in building. 

    ·       Respect others’ property and work.

    ·       Have a hall pass or be with an adult.

    ·       Go directly to your destination.

    ·       Return to class quickly.




    Be Safe

    Show Respect

    Be Responsible








    ·       Follow adult directions.

    ·       Stay seated.

    ·       Arrive and leave cafeteria in an orderly and safe manner.

    ·       Walk at all times.

    ·       Raise your hand to get up from the table.

    ·       Be patient while recycling and exiting cafeteria.

    ·       Talk quietly.

    ·       Wait patiently for your turn.

    ·       Respect others’ feelings, property, food and drink, and personal space.

    ·       Use good manners. 

    ·       Say “Thank You” and “No Thank You.”

    ·       Have your lunch number, money, and/or lunch box. 

    ·       If buying hot lunch, take only the amount of food you are able to eat from the bar.

    ·       Leave table area clean (including floor).

    ·       Only students in the cafeteria at breakfast.






    ·       Play in designated areas.

    ·       Play safely.

    ·       Follow directions.

    ·       Use school equipment only.

    ·       Report safety issues to adults immediately.


    ·       Use good sportsmanship behaviors.

    ·       Share and take turns.

    ·       Use appropriate language.

    ·       Include everyone who wants to play.

    ·       When whistle blows, stop and immediately line up.

    ·       Lunch Recess – on hot or cold lunch lines

    ·       AM/PM Recess – in line order on classroom line


    ·       Take care of property.

    ·       Get a pass if you must leave the playground.

    ·       Dispose of trash properly.

    ·       Use outside bathroom responsibly during recess time.

    ·       Return PE equipment to ball cart.

    ·       Use Kelso’s Choice and/or Conflict Managers to solve problems yourself, first.




    ·       Use all equipment properly.

    ·       Wash hands with soap and water.

    ·       Return to class quickly.

    ·       Respect the privacy of others.

    ·       Respect school property.

    ·       Only toilet paper in the toilets.

    ·       Flush toilet when you are done.

    ·       Keep floors and walls clean and dry.

    ·       Use restroom supplies appropriately. 








    ·       Stay at the computer you are assigned.

    ·       Walk at all times.

    ·       Appropriate/ approved websites only.

    ·       Keep personal information to self while on internet.


    ·       Log out of computer when instructed by adult.

    ·       Place head phones on left of computer.

    ·       Place keyboard in front of computer & mouse on right.

    ·       Push in your chair.

    ·       Be sure area is clean.

    ·       Follow teacher’s instructions & directions.

    ·       Print items only with teacher’s permission.

    ·       Leave computer settings as is.

    ·       Keep food and drink out of the technology lab.







    ·       Follow all adult directions & instructions. 

    ·       Enter and exit the assembly in a calm, quiet manner when instructed.


    ·       Listen for the schoolwide signal.

    ·       Remain seated and quiet.

    ·       Applaud by clapping.

    ·       Sit criss-cross on the floor.

    ·       Show active listening throughout the assembly. 


    ·       Know and follow guidelines.

    ·       Respond immediately to quiet signal.






    ·       Walk facing forward.

    ·       Take one stair at a time.

    ·       Hold handrails.

    ·       Walk in single file line.

    ·       Walk with quiet feet on steps.

    ·       Voices off in stairwell.

    ·       Feet stay on the ground in the stairwell.

    ·       Use elevator with adult permission only. 

    ·       Handrails are for hands only.


    I “SEE” YOU


    “I See You” slips are handed to students when they are “Seen” exemplifying The Renton Park Way. Students can receive an “I See You” from any staff member in any area of the school. Students write their name on the slip (this can also be done by the staff person) and the slip is put in a special classroom container.

    Once a week, all of the classroom “I See You” slips are collected and a drawing takes place. If a student’s name is drawn, the student picks a prize from the school treasure box. The ICU winners’ picture is posted on the “I See You” bulletin board located in the main entrance of the building.


    Renton Park Discipline Plan




    Major Referral


    Minor Referral