Discipline Policies

  • Renton Park Elementary promotes a positive learning environment that contributes to the success of all students. We view all misbehavior as a learning opportunity. All staff members use a number of teaching/intervention strategies to help students be successful in and out of the classroom. In the event that a student chooses to behave in a way that is unsafe or interferes with the learning environment, Renton Park uses a progressive discipline policy to help students to make good choices.

    Minor Referral

    A minor referral is given for minor behavior problems or for first time offenses. After multiple classroom interventions, if a behavior continues a student may receive a minor consequence such as missing a recess. Minor referrals must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to school the following day. The third minor referral in one trimester will result in a major referral.

    Major Referral

    If a problem behavior is repeated or if a major problem behavior occurs, it may result in a major referral. Consequences for major referrals are determined by the administrator and/or the student's prior offenses. Major referrals must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to school the following day. Please note that a major referral can be given for first time offenses if the behavior warrants.

    Once a child is referred to the principal for misbehavior, the student will conference with school administrators and can expect the following progressive consequences: time out; one or more days of detention during recesses; in school pre-suspension of 1-5 days; or short term suspension of 1-5 days. Parents will be notified by letter or telephone. More serious or repetitive misbehavior will result in more serious consequences. Some examples of behavior which will result in immediate suspension include the use or sale of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and acts that are a serious concern for individuals or the school. Students who bring weapons or firearms to school can expect to be expelled.

    Renton Park Discipline Referral Plan (DRP)

    Every major referral will come home with a DRP. The DRP keeps track of referrals and shows which consequences are warranted based on the number of referral incidents. Severe concerns may necessitate more severe consequences. Students have the opportunity to have a fresh start at the beginning of each trimester.

    Way-to-Go Recess

    To promote our positive learning environment, Renton Park rewards students for making the right choices. At the end of every month we offer a school-wide additional recess. This recess is for students who have not received any major referrals over the past month or have not received more than three minor referrals in the past two months. Students who do not qualify for the Way-to-Go Recess spend that time with a designated teacher working on ways to be more successful during the next month.