Meaningful Activities: Seniors

  • Resources for Senior Meaningful Activities

    Task A. Personal Statement

    Your Personal Statement is your opportunity to share YOU with admission representatives. It provides you with a space to account for semesters and/or grade levels where your academics do not reflect your ability and/or to showcase your resiliently to overcome things ("normal" teenage issues and/or more challenging things such as a death in the family).

    Remember that a strong Personal Statement provides a great foundation to use when applying for scholarships!

    Common App Personal Statement Prompts

    Coalition App Personal Statement Prompts


    Task B. FSA ID/FAFSA/WASFA completion

    FSA ID Worksheet: If you are completing FAFSA your parent and you will need to each create an FSA ID. Use the FSA ID worksheet to record the information used to create your FSA IDs. You will need this information in one year.

    RHS School Code: 480990



    Not sure which application to use? Find out here. Have additional questions? Check-out the finanical aid tab or ask Ms. Fulmer.


    • Financial aid is the starting place for accessing money to pay for all types of post-secondary education

    • Apply for 2018-19 school year

    • On both FAFSA/WASFA, make sure to list the schools that you wish to receive your financial aid information AND complete the application for that school! Most schools will not process a financial aid package ("award letter" or "award package") until they have received both your financial aid information and application.


    Task C. Working on scholarships

    In your Social Studies or ELL class, you will receive a resource on financial aid and scholarships soon! Review all the scholarships that you may consider applying for this school year and create a plan. Most scholarships will require similar things, such as a letter of recommendation.

    Check-out the scholarship tab for additional resources including ones specifically for apprenticeships!

    Never, ever pay to apply for scholarships!

    thewashboard: We connect Washington students of all types with Washington scholarship providers. Whether you'll be attending in state or out, you save time by entering your profile once and letting us find the scholarship opportunities that fit.

    Apply to receive a full-tuition scholarship to attend Gonzaga University, Northwest University, Pacific Lutheran University or Whitworth University through Act Six! Application due by November 7!

    Apply to scholarships across the country through Fastweb!


    Resources to support the High School and Beyond Plan

    Go to the Post-Secondary Resource tab to access Career Cruising and Career Bridge.

    Career Cruising allows students to take an area of interest test, explore majors, including salaries and videos, and build resumes. Student login information is listed there. Students can switch website into Spanish at the top of the website.

    Career Bridge is a state operated website that allows students to take an area of interest exam and to explore careers, including salaries.