Belongings, Valuables and Pets at School


    Please mark your children’s coats, hats, lunch boxes and other personal items with their names. Many items are turned into the lost and found each year. With your child’s name on the article, we can find the right owner and return it to him/her. Our lost and found is located in the main entry hallway for those items not claimed.  At the end of the year, unclaimed articles are donated.


    Students should only bring money to school for specific reasons.  Parents of primary students should label the purpose for any money brought to school as students sometimes forget.  Money and valuables not needed at school are best left at home.  


    Pets are not allowed at school unless special arrangements have been made in advance with your child's teacher.  

    If we know whose pet is on the playground, we will try to contact the owner to come and pick it up.  Otherwise, we may find it necessary to call the Humane Society.


    Personal toys and electronics need to remain at home.  This includes all types of trading cards, video games, Ipods, etc.  If items are brought to school they will be collected by the teacher or principal and returned at the end of the day.  Occasionally, students are asked to bring items to school for show-and-tell or a special project.  These are to remain in the child's backpack except for the instructional use time.