Fall 2017 Newsletter

  • You can feel the excitement building! By the time you’re reading this I will have visited our classrooms to talk with students about Talbot Hill’s intentional teaching around responsible citizenship, civic engagement and our government process.  Without exception, every person at Talbot Hill is a citizen of our school’s community, has the right to register to vote, and to participate in our democratic processes and procedures. Talbot Hill is committed through MicroSociety to empowering students; providing rich real-world experiences in a challenging engaging environment. Talbot Hill students learn about voice and choice; that they can make change happen in their world. 

    This is the time of year we begin our student government election process. At Talbot Hill our election process parallels election processes in our country as closely as possible. Voter registration begins school wide 9/25.  Registered voters may nominate themselves for our elected offices. Each 1st through 5th grade homeroom will elect a member to the House of Representatives and each 1st through 5th grade will elect two members to the Talbot Hill Senate.   Our President and Vice-President will be elected from the 4th and 5th grades.  Nominations for these offices are due Thurs. 10/5.  While our kindergarten students currently don’t hold House or Senate positions, they do register to vote and cast ballots for the president on election day. Our Primary Election is scheduled on 10/17 and our General Election on 10/31.  Candidates will bring home complete details.  Please take advantage of these activities to engage your student in conversations connecting his/ her learning to the real world.

    Phase 1 of MicroSociety

    September thru mid-November is Academy time.  Your student’s homeroom teacher has been teaching the basic concepts that are the foundation of our MicroSociety program.  Students learn general information about MicroSociety, and more specific concepts related to community, citizenship, government, economics, banking, and financial literacy.

    This year, in preparation for Phase II, 50 fifth graders signed up to participate in our manager training workshop.  They will learn what it means to be a MicroSociety manager, complete a resume and write their letters of interest.  At the Managers’ Job Fair, 10/11, these applicants will distribute their letters and resumes to three Micro organizations. Interviews and hiring will be completed and those hired will plan with their facilitators for the 11/8 Job Fair.

    In early November, this year’s MicroSociety Job Fair PowerPoint will be available to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  It will introduce them to the various organizations and job opportunities prior to attending the Job Fair.  We’ll post it on Talbot Hill’s website as well – check it out, talk it over with your student.  Look for several old favorites along with a few new organizations this year.  Completed job applications listing their top three choices, job qualifications, and experience are due Mon. 11/13.

    MicroSociety Phase II

    Beginning 11/27, Monday - Thursday afternoons, 2:50 – 3:35, visitors to Talbot Hill can see our MicroSociety program in action.

    K-2 students will use their math and financial literacy skills as they sort, count, and solve problems with Cool Cash. They will develop their whole class business, practice communication skills, and learn about roles and schedules in preparation of our first Marketplace.

    Students in 3rd-5th grades will leave their homerooms to join their Micro organization.  Each organization will decide what its business venture, non-profit, or government agency will look like this year. Employees will complete a mission statement, business plan, and a budget before moving on to develop their goods and/or services.

    Micro is purposefully aligned with our State learning goals and/or Common Core Standards.  Micro is a place where students put their classroom learning to work in engaging real-world ways.  Often answering their own questions of “why do I have to learn this?”

    Through MicroSociety, Talbot Hill can begin as early as kindergarten addressing our District’s Goal 2: College and Career Ready – Each student will graduate with the necessary skills and an appropriate plan to continue to post-secondary options!   Students will understand and apply their learning in real-world activities, recognizing the importance of their learning to their future. Through their work in MicroSociety businesses, their school to work experiences (fieldtrips), and community partner mentoring, students will have a view into real-world opportunities.

    Parent, Business and Professionals Participation

    It is our goal this year that each of our Micro organizations are connected to a similar community business and/or person.  These interactions will strengthen our students’ understanding of the real-world and post-graduation possibilities and create meaningful relationships between Talbot Hill and our Renton community; demonstrating to our community that great things are happening here!  We appreciate and welcome parent participation in all our MicroSociety organizations.  Put your hobbies, talents, careers and/ or education to work helping students as they apply their learning in these real-world settings.

    Scholastic Parent-Child magazine said it in their August/ September 2012 issue:

    Talbot Hill is one of the twenty-five coolest schools in America!


    Sally Boni, MicroSociety Coordinator