School Supply Pack Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • 1. What happens if my student uses all their pencils, rips their binder, or loses their notebook?

    Throughout the year, if a student needs to replace an item due to use, loss, or damage, they may either ask their classroom teacher for a replacement (e.g., for a pencil, pen, or notebook) or go to the main office.  Since materials are not unlimited, the more expensive items, such as binders and pencil pouches, will be tracked.  A student may be asked to pay an additional replacement fee if excessive replacements are requested.

    2. What additional fees or other supplies are required?

    This is different for each student and is based on his/her overall schedule.  If your student is registered for Art, Band, Choir, Orchestra, Physical Education (P.E.), or Publications, please see the additional fees and needed supplies listed below. 

    3. Can I buy my student other pencils? What about a different binder?

    The purpose of the supply fee is to reduce costs to families, ensure that ALL students have access to ALL the resources they need, reduce waste, and make the back-to-school shopping process more efficient.  However, if your student prefers mechanical pencils instead of wooden, or a specific binder, you are welcome to purchase those items in addition to paying the supply fee.

    4. I’m not so sure about this; can’t we just do what we’ve always done?

    This is a pilot program and something new we are trying at Risdon to ensure resource equity, and to save everyone time and money.  Later in the year, we will send out a survey to families and students to gather feedback on the success of this program.