Benson Hill Mission Statement

  • “All Bobcats are valued, connected, and learning through active intellectual engagement.”


    Dear Families,

    We appreciate your interest and involvement in our school as we team together to support children.  As a staff, we are guided by Renton School District’s three core values of service, excellence, and equity.

    • Service – We serve our students, staff, families, and communities.
    • Excellence – We strive for excellence in all that we do.
    • Equity – We remove barriers and pursue outcomes that enable all students to realize their potential and maximize their future opportunities.

    New families to Benson Hill will find a number of school-wide practices in place here. Our school motto is “We are a Reading School”. Students are expected to read or be read to twenty minutes each school night. Reading fluency and comprehension skills are emphasized in daily instruction across curriculum. Mathematics also continues to be a focus. Classroom teachers have developed a school-wide model for teaching math problem solving strategies to students. Staff members and school volunteers teach and assess students’ computation and problem solving progress regularly. Each Benson Hill student is taught a specific strategy for use when organizing his/her thoughts in the pre-writing process. School-wide behavior expectations (PAWSITIVE EXPECTATIONS) are taught and reinforced by all staff. Academic progress, positive interactions, and student success are important to our teaching and support staff. 

    At Benson Hill, we believe that communication between home and school is critical to student success. In an effort to keep families informed, we have developed this handbook. Please review it and let us know how we can improve upon it. Throughout the school year, we encourage parents or guardians to call or stop by with questions or concerns. We recommend that you contact your child’s teacher directly with questions pertaining to the classroom. Questions regarding arrival, dismissal, and playground may be directed to one of us. Above all, we want families to contact the school with questions, suggestions or concerns. Working together, we can provide powerful support to students!

    Again, welcome to Benson Hill. Thank you for entrusting our staff with your child’s education. We pledge our best efforts to help your student have a successful school year!

    Martha Flemming

    Kimberly Booker
    Assistant Principal