Health Information

  • School Nurse/Clinic Aide

    Our school nurse, is assigned to Benson Hill two days a week.  Staff Specialist also assists ill or injured students in the clinic.


    A student must be fever free for at least 24 hours without medication in order to return to school.  If your child requires medication, please keep them home. When a student returns to school, he/she must be able to participate in all activities fully including recess and PE. 


    If a health reason exists which requires the involvement of school personnel in the administration of any medication to a student during school hours or the hours in which the student is under the supervision of school officials, certain district procedures apply.

    A medical form completed by the doctor and parent must be on file in our office. In addition, all medication must be in the original container and clearly labeled with the name of the medication and the student’s name. School personnel are not allowed to dispense medication without this permission. All medications (prescription and over the counter medications) must be taken to the office. Please contact our nurse with medication administration questions. Please do not send cough drops or hard candy for students to self-administer.