• The Renton School District Board of Directors recognizes and appreciates that individuals and organizations in the community occasionally wish to make donations and/or contribute materials, equipment, or supplies to the schools and/or school district. It is the policy of the Board that such gifts and donations may be accepted for the purposes of extending and enhancing the programs, opportunities and facilities of the school district.

    To be acceptable, any proffered donation or gift must be compatible with the mission and values of the school district and suitable for school district use. Donations which carry unsuitable conditions, obligate the district or employees in unacceptable manner, or are deemed incompatible to the district interests shall not be accepted. Criteria to be met for the acceptance of any gifts or donations must be included in district procedures.

    Donations and contributions with an estimated value less than $250 can be accepted by district staff on behalf of the district, but such donations valued in excess of $250 can be accepted only by the Board of Directors. All such gifts and donations become the property of the Renton School District. Real property of any value can only be accepted by the Board of Directors. A standard form for acceptance of gifts shall be included in the procedures to implement this policy.

    District employees seeking gifts or donations to extend or support their program or activities must first obtain approval from the building principal or responsible district administrator. Staff soliciting on-line donations or group-funding support for the classroom and school shall have permission prior to listing a request. If funded, such items shall become the property of the school district.

    Persons desiring to express appreciation to school staff are encouraged to avoid personal gifts and instead provide letters of appreciation or similar recognition. Personal gifts to a staff member must be of limited nominal value to avoid a conflict of interest.

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    For information about how to contribute financially or donate classroom materials to a school, please contact the school directly.  

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