Principal's Announcements

  • Dear Tiffany Park Families,

    As many of you know, making all our families feel they are a valued, important part of our school is very important to me and to our staff.  This year we have begun a series of events that are focused on recognizing the various cultures of our students and families through celebrating our uniqueness, while recognizing what we have in common.  Some of this work began earlier this year with our first I-CARE (Inviting Conversations about Race and Equity) Family Forum facilitated by Erin Jones, called “My Story.”  Parents and staff came together to share their stories, listening and learning from each other. 

    We have continued the work with our staff through ongoing professional development, including future work with staff, students, and families through more family forums and events.  We plan to host two more evening I-CARE family forums – one in April and one in June, that I would encourage all our families to attend.  The first I-CARE event - “My Story,” was such a positive experience for all who attended that we hope to expand this important conversation to more of our families at these upcoming dates.  We realize that to understand each other and different perspectives, we must talk, listen, and learn from one another. 

    On Thursday, May 24th we will have our first Tiffany Park Dap/High Five and Career Fair Event.  As part of our work with many of our Tiffany Park families, we are working to show our students positive examples of people of color in our community.  The Dap/High Five and Career Fair will invite men of color in professional attire from our community to line our school sidewalks and give our students an encouraging dap (fist bump) or high 5, cheering students on to do their best for the remainder of the school year, and show them the importance of school from positive role models.  This event will be followed with a Career Fair featuring STEM fields, professions that may not be well known or featured, and jobs that challenge traditional representations of who may work in those positions.  Classrooms will sign up to visit booths set up in our gym featuring individuals of a variety of career options for students to interview.  As students rotate through each of the Career Fair booths, our guest presenters will share their professions with the students as well as what type of training or education was needed for them to achieve their role.  We also plan to again host the very popular PTA/Tiffany Park sponsored cultural celebration event in June honoring family traditions and stories, and sharing our histories with each other.  Look for more information for each of these events in the coming months!

    Thank you for all that you do to support our students and partner with us here at school.  Again, our goal is to make sure that all of our families feel welcome and know that you are an important part of our school.  Together, we make a great team for our kids!


    Principal Erin Morin


Tiffany Park Purpose Statement

  • We are the TIGERS    

                 We Participate Respectfully
                 We Act Responsibly
                We Will Follow Directions
    We Will be Safe 
                        tiger paw

    Our Purpose:

    Tiffany Park is a community school where all students learn to their greatest potential.

    We foster harmony and respect in a safe environment, and encourage  communication  between  school, home, and community.

    Our goal is to help each child reach adulthood as an effective contributor to  society.



  • A story about Tiffany Park Elementary School's Day of Service has been posted on the district’s Facebook and Twitter sites. You can read the story by clicking the link even if you do not have a Facebook page. 

  • Weapons Hotline (24 hrs): 425.204.2468

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