Memo to Certificated Staff

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    TO: Certificated Staff

    FROM: Human Resources

    RE: 2017-18 Late Start & Weather Related Schedules Memo

    As inclement weather and winter approaches, so does the potential for late start schedules and school closures. Here are some things to remember.

    In the event of a late start:

    Arrive as close to your normal start time as possible, and no later than 30 minutes before the rescheduled student start time. If you are unable to make it to work due to road conditions, then take appropriate leave per your contract.

    A late start day counts as a “student day”.

    On late start days in the rest of the district when Meadow Crest Early Learning Center (MCELC) cancels classes for students, MCELC staff still report to work for their normal shift.

    In the event of a school closure:

    Do not report to work as this is now a non-student, non-work day. The student days will be “made up” on the designated weather make-up day(s). Any weather related make-up days are contracted work days.

    KEC-based TOSAs do not report to work when schools closed.

    Work calendars are available on the district website under Human Resources. If you have questions, please call us at extension 4-2370.