• Monday-Thursday Schedule

Event Time
First bell; students can enter the building and go to their classrooms 8:27am
Second bell 8:30am
Tardy bell; school begins 8:35am
1st and 2nd Grade recess 10:30am-10:45am
Kindergarten recess 10:30am-10:45am
Kindergarten lunch/recess 11:45am-12:00pm
1st Grade recess/lunch 11:55am-12:15pm
4th Grade recess/lunch 12:30am-12:50pm
2nd Grade recess/lunch 11:45am-12:05pm
5th Grade recess/lunch 12:00pm-12:35pm
3rd Grade recess/lunch 12:40pm- 1:00pm
3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade recess 2:30pm- 2:45pm
School ends 3:10pm