Hazen facilities

  • Who to call when you need a room or space

    Frequently Used Venues

    Career Center
    Lecture Hall
    Activity Room
    The Commons
    The Cafeteria
    The Auditorium
    The Library—See the Librarian if during the school day

    Hazen Facilities Use Internal (PDF)
    Submit request at least 2 weeks in advance. Requests under two week may not receive approval. This form is for Hazen internal staff/student use only. Other groups should use the RSD Facilities Use Request form
    E-mail (either Vicki or Mary) for Academic use availability during the day
    Hazen Facilities Use Form – Internal Event – ASB, Athletics (can e-mail the internal use form—don’t need to print it out)



    Facilities Use For Outside groups visit the District Facilities Page

    To view the master calendar

    1. www.schooldude.com
    2. Username: hhs@rentonschools.us Password: highlanders
    3. Go to “FS Direct”
    4. Then select the “Calendar” tab
    5. Can filter by Location or Event Status