Hazen facilities

  • Who to call when you need a room or space

    Frequently Used Venues

    Career Center
    Collaboratory, seats 30
    Lecture Hall, seats 100
    Cafeteria, seats 500
    Auditorium, seats 648 – Contact Brett Crueger at brett.crueger@rentonschools.us
    Library, seats 115 -See the Librarian if during the school day

    Hazen Facilities Use Internal (PDF)
    Submit request at least 2 weeks in advance. Requests under two week may not receive approval. This form is for Hazen internal staff/student use only. Other groups should use the RSD Facilities Use Request form. E-mail (Kim Shafer) for Academic use availability during the day >Hazen Facilities Use Form > Internal Event > ASB, Athletics (can e-mail the internal use form—don’t need to print it out)


    Outside groups booking a space at Hazen High School

    Facilities Use For Outside groups visit the District Facilities Page

    Please contact Kimberly Shafer at Kimberly.shafer@rentonschools.us or (425) 204-4239 to check availability.
    Hazen High School is not available to outside groups during the months of July and August.

    To view the master calendar

    1. www.schooldude.com
    2. Username: hhs@rentonschools.us Password: highlanders
    3. Go to “FS Direct”
    4. Then select the “Calendar” tab
    5. Can filter by Location or Event Status