R-Kids Guidelines for Success


    All staff, students, and parents work together to maintain a learning environment which helps everyone reach their fullest potential. Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect.

    1. Be Respectful.

    Students will show respect for their self, others, and school property. This means being polite and taking care of school and personalproperty.

    2. Be Responsible.

    We expect you to make acceptable choices even when no one is looking. This is called “being responsible.” You are in charge of yourself. We know you can make good choices!

    3. Be Safe.

    Any behavior that could hurt yourself or someone else will not be allowed. As you work, move, and play at school think about how your actions will keep you and others safe.

    4. Persevere.

    When you first try to do something it is often difficult, but if you keep trying it gets easier and easier. This is called perseverance.

    5. Cooperate with Others.

    Highlands’ students and staff help each other. Be polite, treat people with respect, accept differences between people, and encourage others to do their best.

    Students at Highlands Elementary take pride in their efforts to follow our motto, “Make your choice the best; help the rest!



    Students require continuous support and encouragement at school and at home to be successful at learning responsibility and self-discipline.

    1. We teach students expectations for responsible behavior in every school environment.

    2. We provide positive feedback to students when they are meeting expectations and following the Guidelines for Success.

    3. We provide corrective feedback when any misbehavior occurs.

    4. Parents and staff work together to solve problems that are chronic or severe in nature.


    Recognizing positive behavior may include:

    • Verbal praise.
    • Positive notes.
    • Husky Hows.
    • Small celebrations for meeting goals.
    • Super Husky Awards
    • Phone call to the student and/or parent/guardian athome.
    • Compliment with specific recognition of positivebehavior.



    Parents and Guardians

    We need the support and cooperation of parents to effectively help students reach his or her potential. We keep parents informed of student responsibility and efforts through conferences, report cards, phone calls, and notes.

    Parents may help their children learn specific skills to improve school success, such as remembering homework, providing a time and a place for homework, learning to be more independent, or behaving in an acceptable way.




    Goal: Students will play safely at all times during recess.

    Responsible Playground Behavior

    • Tag is played on the field and not on the big toy
    • Up the stairs and slide down feet first on theslide
    • Use equipment (hula hoops, jump ropes and, all balls including tether balls) how it is intended to be used (ie: kick balls on the field)
    • Play safely with friends (No play fighting)
    • Follow the rules of the game
    • Walk on the black top and run on the field
    • Stay away from fences (no climbing)
    • Remember, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose
    • Be kind and use kind words
    • Ask permission from an adult to leave theplayground
    • There are no toys, electronics, or food on the playground duringrecess
    • Please stay out of puddles when it is rainy
    • Share and take turns with the playgroundequipment
    • Be respectful of other’s play space
    • Return equipment to the ball bin
    • Stop playing and line up safely when you hear the whistle blow



    Goal: The hallways of Highlands Elementary will be a safe learning environment where people interact with courtesy and respect.

    • Voices off
    • Hands and feet to self
    • Walking in a single file line
    • Use walking feet
    • Walk up and down the stairs
    • Hold on to the hand rail



    Goal: The restrooms at Highlands Elementary will be clean and safe.

    • Walk straight there
    • Wait your turn quietly
    • Use quiet voices
    • Give people privacy
    • Wash hands with soap and water
    • Throw paper towel in the garbage
    • Keep area clean
    • Walk straight back to class



    Goal: The lunch line and cafeteria at Highlands Elementary will be a safe and clean environment where people interact with courtesy and respect.

    • Enter by class from recess
    • Always use restaurant voices (Inside voices)
    • Walk in a single file line
    • Use hand sanitizer
    • Choose milk
    • Wait patiently for your food
    • Be polite by saying please and thank you
    • Use 2 hands on your tray
    • Walk carefully to your assigned table
    • Sit with feet under the table
    • Enjoy your food and talking quietly with your friends
    • Raise your hand to empty your tray or use the bathroom
    • Clean up garbage by checking the floor and table
    • Leave the cafeteria quietly in a single file line



    Goal: Highlands Elementary School students will demonstrate respectful behavior during assemblies by listening, participating, and following directions.

    Responsible Assembly Behavior

    • Enter quietly and sit where you are directed to sit – criss-crossapplesauce
    • Make your choice the best, help the rest! (means voices off, eyes on thespeaker)
    • Be a good listener and audience member by looking at the speaker and by not when the speaker is talking
    • Show appreciation by clapping
    • Keep hands and feet to self
    • Follow directions when class is dismissed by leaving quietly in a single file line



    Goal: Students will arrive no earlier than 8:20AM (9:50AM on Late Start Friday’s) and leave school immediately at the end of the day in a safe and orderly manner. (Students who eat breakfast may arrive no earlier than 8:10AM and on Late Start Friday’s, 9:40AM).

    Before School

    • Arrive no earlier than 8:10AM to eat breakfast and on Late Start Friday’s, 9:40AM to eat breakfast
    • Arrive no earlier than 8:20AM if you do not eat breakfast (9:50AM on Late Start Friday’s)
    • A fee is charged to families for students who arrive before 8:20AM (9:50AM on Late Start Friday’s)
    • Line up under the covered play area before school (first and second graders will line up inside where they are directed; kindergarten will line up at the small playground near their classrooms)
    • Use the crosswalks in the drive way areas to cross the parking lot and drop off area

    After School

    • Leave the school grounds as soon as you are dismissed
    • Wait for the busses in the designated area
    • Parent picking up students will remain OUTSIDE front entrance of the school
    • Meet siblings and friends outside of the building near the front doors (not onthe playground or big toy or in the bus area)
    • Make arrangements to go to a friend’s house or to the rec before you come to school – students may not make phone calls from the office to change plans afterschool
    • A fee is charged to families for students who are not picked up by3:30 PM.