School Supply List 2017-2018

    Families are asked to provide the following basic school supplies. 

    Please avoid buying toys disguised as school supplies and items not listed below

    Please label your child’s backpack with their name, but other items should be unlabeled, as items are shared by the entire class.  Organized, tidy desks are a key to success in all grades. Thank you!

4th Grade Supply List

  • Backpack
    2 packs standard size sticky notes
    1 Composition Notebook
    2 packs lined paper
    3 ring binder (1 ½ inches, not zippered)
    School box
    Colored pencils
    Pencils - 4 dozen sharpened
    4 Erasers
    5 Glue Sticks
    1 Ream of White Printer Paper
    1 Wooden Ruler (no plastic)
    2 fine tipped black sharpies
    2 boxes of tissue
    Disinfecting wipes, 1 container
    Ziploc bags, 1 box of sandwich bags
    Ziploc bags, 1 box gallon size