Regular attendance is important to every student's success at Nelsen. Excessive absences, truancy and repeated tardiness will not be tolerated, and may lead to Becca Law procedures (explained in a later section).

    A parent or guardian needs to call the attendance office at (425) 204-3010 to report that you are absent that day. Or upon returning to school, you have to bring a note from your parent/guardian explaining your absences and get an admit slip from the attendance office. Failure to bring a note within 48 hours will result in Five (5) Lunch Detentions. School work may be made up if an absence is excused.


    Medical Illness – after 5 absences in a row or 10 in a year a doctor’s note is required.
    Medical Appointment
    Legal Appointment or Court Appearance
    Funeral in the Family
    Religious Observance


    Pre-arranged family related commitments, such as trips or vacations require contact from parent at least one (1) week in advance as well as the completion of a pre-arranged absence form. Pre-arranged absences may or may not be excused.


    Students should submit parent requests for early dismissal to the attendance office. Excused early dismissals will be issued for pre-arranged dental or doctor appointments. Other requests by parents for students to leave school early will be granted but may be considered unexcused. Students who fail to properly clear with the attendance office before leaving the campus will be considered unexcused.

    ID is required to pick up any student. Only people listed on the student’s personal information will be allowed to pick him/her up for early dismissals.


    It is the student's responsibility to contact his/her teachers upon return from an absence for missing assignments and due dates. If you are ill and out of school three or more days, your parent/guardian may call (425) 204-3010 to request homework for you. It may be picked up the following day. Be ready to tell the secretary:

    First day of absence.
    Anticipated day of return.
    You may also call/email your student's teachers for homework requests.


    Absences for reasons other than outlined previously as excused are considered unexcused, including, but are not limited to: failed alarm clocks, missing the bus, oversleeping, car problems, babysitting, etc. Missing more than 10 minutes of a class period without permission is considered an unexcused absence/truancy. School work missed from an unexcused absence/truancy may not be accepted. Consequences for unexcused absences/truancies are as follows:

    Students missing less than three periods will receive a lunch detention for each period missed.
    Students who miss three or more periods will earn a Friday School.
    Students who are truant during a period after arriving on campus will earn a Friday School.
    Repeated unexcused absences/truancies may result in assignment of In-School Suspension.


    Washington State’s Becca Law requires children to attend school between the ages of 7 and 17. If your student has unexcused absences, the following Becca Law steps will take place in addition to school consequences.

    Conference: Will take place after the second (2) unexcused absence.
    Attendance Night: Will be required after the fifth (5) unexcused absence. An attendance contract will also be completed.
    Becca petition: Will be filed with the courts after seven (7) unexcused absences in a month or ten (10) unexcused absences in a school year.


    Students who arrive late to school shall report to the attendance office for admittance to school.

    It will be considered a tardy if the student arrives less than 10 minutes late to school/class.
    It will be considered an unexcused absence/truancy if the student arrives more than 10 minutes late to school/class.
    Late arrivals for reasons other than outlined previously as excused are considered unexcused tardies, including, but are not limited to: failed alarm clocks, missing the bus, oversleeping, car problems, babysitting, etc. The consequences for being tardy are as follows:

    3 tardies: After-School Detention
    6 tardies: Five (5) Lunch Detentions
    9 tardies: Friday School
    12 or more: Administrator’s discretion