Activities and Athletics

  • Activities

    Nelsen Middle School is proud of the wide variety of athletic programs & after school activities offered to students. Students are highly encouraged to participate and tend to excel in their studies as well as have an enjoyable middle school experience. Students must be in school for at least three full periods in order to participate in a game, meet, practice, or activity.

    In order to participate, students must have an ASB sticker* on their ID card. Activities are offered Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 2:45 - 4:00 p.m. An activity bus will be available for transportation home. Come and try out the activities!

    *ASB Sticker - $25.00

    Students who have after school detention or served in-school suspension OR out of school suspension, may not participate in an after school activity or sport that day.

    If you’re not participating in an after school club or sport, you need to be off campus by 2:45 p.m.

    We offer a wide range of after school activities for students to enhance their middle school experience. The following are some of the activities we offer.

    APT/SEA/Filipino Club
    LGBTQ Club
    Drama Club
    Friends at Nelsen (FANs)
    Fitness Club
    D&D Club
    National Junior Honor Society
    Chess Club
    Pottery Club
    Computer Club
    Pokémon Club
    Harry Potter Club
    Book Club
    Latina and Latino Club


    The ASB (Associated Student Body) is an organization through which all students have an opportunity to express their opinions and to participate in the management of certain school enterprises. Each spring a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and representatives from each grade level are elected for the following year.

    The ASB Officers form the core for the student council, whose task is to promote leadership, initiative, and self-control among the members of the entire student body. Representative members are elected each fall. In this way, student ideas and suggestions are brought before the student council and information is carried back to the student body.

    ASB 2017 - 18 OFFICERS

    ASB President: Elaine Nguyen
    ASB Vice-President: Ivy Pham
    ASB Treasurer: Ashley Srilofung
    ASB Secretary: Megan Murayama


    An activity bus will be scheduled at approximately 4:05 P.M on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays to allow students to participate in supervised after school activities or to make up classroom work. This bus is not for students who missed their regular bus. Only those students engaged in after school activities or authorized after school detention are allowed to ride the activity bus.


    At Nelsen Middle School, we pride ourselves on developing student athletes. We expect our student athletes to excel in the following three areas; Academics, Attitude, and Athletic Ability (The Three A’s). Team members will be selected based on all three of these principles. In order to remain on the team and participate fully, coaches expect athletes to display The Three A’s at all times; on the field and in the classroom.

    Eligibility and Requirements

    Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in athletics in the middle school in the Renton School District.

    The student must receive an academic grade higher than one (1) in a minimum of five (5) out of six (6) classes.
    The student must accumulate a minimum of 15 effort skills point (2.5 GPA in effort).
    An ASB card is required
    Students must be in school for at least three full periods in order to participate in a game, meet, or practice.
    Students may register for athletics at or at the Renton School District website (Middle School Online
    Athletic Registration)

    Sports by Quarter

    1st quarter: Girls and boys soccer
    2nd quarter: Girls and boys basketball
    3rd quarter: Girls volleyball, co-ed wrestling
    4th quarter: Boys flag football, co-ed track