How decisions about school closures are made

  • school bus Deciding about weather-related school closures or delays is always difficult, because so many different situations must be considered. Renton School District staff work to balance the many interests at stake but recognize any decision to alter the school day may cause concern or scheduling conflicts for families.

    District staff begin evaluating road conditions across the district at 3:30 a.m.; and, depending on weather forecasts, the process begins the day before.

    Here is how decisions are made:

    • Transportation staff, chief operations officer and the superintendent drive roads throughout the district, including main roads and side streets; sidewalks are also assessed.
    • They compare information and road conditions with neighboring school districts and the city and county transportation systems to assess conditions outside of the district. 
    • We review hourly weather forecasts to assess if conditions are improving or deteriorating.
    • We make the best decision possible, as early as possible, given road conditions and other information, always with student and staff safety in mind. 

    Click here to learn how we communicate with families and staff about school schedule changes. 

    Families and staff are reminded to please check with your school office to make sure your student's emergency contact information is up-to-date so you can recive notifications of changes to the school day due to inclement weather.