Digital Learning

  • Renton School District Vision for Digital Learning:

    Using technology intentionally and innovatively leads to greater equity and achievement for all students by:

    • increasing rigorous learning opportunities
    • enhancing authentic learning environments
    • providing differentiated and personalized learning
    • supporting collaboration, productivity, and creativity
    • providing opportunities to develop and demonstrate critical thinking skills

    This ensures high quality instruction and learning for every child, every day in every environment and advances our goals of achievement, college and career readiness, and equity and access.

    The department of Digital Learning focuses on improving student learning through instructional models which intentionally and innovatively use technology.

    Centrally, the team is led by the Director of Digital Learning and six Digital Learning Coaches, who serve to support specific schools, partner in specific content areas, and lead relevant projects (such as digital citizenship or support of the district’s Learning Management System). Additionally, teacher-leaders at schools support the work in a role with a stipend as a Technology Integration Specialist. Together, these positions help to increase collaboration, creativity, and productivity of students and teachers and help to develop agency and independence in order to support lifelong learning.