Graduation Ceremonies


    Distinct Honors

    In lieu of identifying the two graduating seniors whose scholarship record would classify them as valedictorian or salutatorian, the Board of Directors has chosen to use the term “distinct honors.”  “Distinct honors” shall be accorded to 7% of the senior class with the highest-grade point average calculated upon completion of the second trimester of their senior year, providing no one with a grade point average of less than 3.50 shall be included.

    In determining class rank, a list is generated from the School District's data processing system, which combines a student's G.P.A. with values of credits earned.  Students being graded on a Pass/Fail basis are not included in the ranking process.

    Honor Cords

    All students who earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or above are authorized to wear an honor cord during the commencement ceremony.


    (Found in Renton School District Procedure 2410P)

    If students fulfill graduation requirements by the end of the last term of their senior year, they may participate in graduation ceremonies. Each student will be awarded a diploma after satisfactorily completing local and state requirements. Upon request, each graduating student will receive a final transcript. Graduation ceremony requirements, credit deficits, and honors will be addressed in the following manner:

    In order to participate in graduation ceremonies, a student must have been in attendance at least one of the last two semesters unless the student has been enrolled full time in the Running Start program.

    1. All fines and obligations must be cleared prior to participation in the graduation ceremony rehearsal.
    2. Each participating student must participate in the graduation ceremony rehearsal.
    3. Each student who participates will purchase or rent the proper cap and gown as designated by the school administration and the class advisor and officers.
    4. Caps and gowns will be worn in the proper manner as designated by the school administration and class advisor.
    5. Each student who participates will be expected to cooperate with the class advisor and to participate in all parts of the graduation ceremonies.
    6. Students on current suspension or expulsion will be denied participation in graduation ceremonies.
    7. All credit retrieval course work, whether online or independent study, to be counted toward graduation, must be completed (including the end of course exam), and a grade received by the school no later than the Friday prior to graduation. A student cannot be concurrently enrolled in a course as part of their high school day and the same course for credit retrieval. In order to enroll in a credit retrieval course, the student must have previously failed the course and withdrawn from the class. The student’s transcript will reflect a failing grade and the credit retrieval grade.

    Failure to comply with the above requirements will automatically forfeit a student’s privilege of participation in the graduation CEREMONIES.