Running Start

  • Running Start is a program whereby juniors or seniors in high school may apply to enroll in courses or programs in a community or technical college. Both high school and college or vocational-technical credits may be obtained. Evidence of successful completion of each course in a technical or community college will be included in the high school records and transcripts. Students of junior or senior classification are eligible; if interested in this option students should contact their school counselor for details.

     The State Legislature has placed limits on the total FTE (full-time equivalency) funded for students. The total FTE is limited to 1.2. This calculation is based on combined course load between high school and college.  Any credits taken in college beyond this 1.2 FTE limit will result in charges directly to the student or family. Additionally, while tuition is free for a class load up to 1.2 FTE, there may be other fees associated with specific courses (books, materials), which are the responsibility of student and his/her family.