Worksite Learning Credits



    Students have the opportunity to participate in the Worksite Learning Program and earn high school credit while gainfully employed.   This work experience connects knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom to those needed outside the classroom and assists students in developing or fulfilling their educational plans. Students earn .5 credits for 180 hours of successful work experience.

    The following requirements must be met in order to receive credit:

    1. Participating students must be at least 16 years of age and working in a site that meets all of the requirements identified for “Teen Workers” by the Department of Labor and Industries.
    2. A Worksite Learning Coordinator must supervise the worksite learning experience.
    3. The student, parent, employer and Worksite Learning Coordinator must complete the required state documentation prior to the work experience.
    4. Students may either find their own worksite or be placed in a worksite that is appropriate to the previous learning experience and educational goals.

    Interested students should talk with the Worksite Learning Coordinator at their high school or ask the career specialist in the Career Center for more details.