• It is a goal of the Renton School District that each student will graduate with the necessary skills and appropriate plan to continue to post-secondary options.

    In order to be well-prepared for any of the post-secondary options below, students should:

    • Enroll in a rigorous academic program with emphasis on Math, Science, Language arts, and Social Studies
    • Participate in a comprehensive career guidance program
    • Identify and explore options and courses in an approved Career/Educational pathway
    • Participate in programs offered through the Career and Technical Education department
    • Register for high school courses where dual college credit may be earned
      • Advanced Placement (AP)
      • College in the High School (CHS)
      • International Baccalaureate (IB) – Renton High only
      • Career and Technical Education (CTE) Dual College Credit courses
    • Participate in a service learning experience in the community
    • Develop a portfolio highlighting high school experience

    Post-secondary options include:

    Apprenticeship Programs

    • Direct and specific job training with Community College component
    • Participants enter a relationship with an employer and develop a training and educational plan with a local Community or Technical College

    Community College and Technical College

    • Offers a comprehensive liberal arts educational transfer program
    • Offers a wide range of technical programs
    • Awards a variety of certifications and degrees (both 2-year Associate’s and 4-year Bachelor’s)
    • Provides students the opportunity to enroll in career development and/or Career and Technical Education preparation programs


    • Comprehensive liberal arts and a multitude of degree programs
    • Awards Bachelor’s degrees (BA, BS) masters degrees and doctoral degrees
    • Provides opportunities for professional development leading to work


    • Specific job training with scholarship opportunities at completion of commitment