Swim Lesson General Information

    • Class sizes are limited and depend on class level. Class /Levels may be combined if enrollment is low.
    • Each student will receive three (3) FREE open swim passes for additional practice. For student use only.
    • Refunds: Refunds will only be made when special circumstances require a student to withdraw. There is a $5.00 non-refundable registration fee. There are no cash refunds.
    • Transfers: There will be a $5.00 non-refundable fee to transfer/switch classes if you are already registered.
    • Missed Lessons - NO make-up lessons will be scheduled, or refunds/credits made, for missed lessons.
    • Private Lessons available. Contact the pool for times.


Swim Lesson Information

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    Entry Level Skills (minimum requirements for each level)

    Placement tests are conducted during open swim for free, no registration is required.

    TT      TINY TOTS – Ages 6 months to 4 years old.  A time for parents and babies to be together in 
    a low key water adjustment setting.  A parent or mature helper is required for EACH child.

    PS 1    PRESCHOOL 1 – Ages 3 to 5 years old. This class is for the child who is ready for a class
    experience without the parents.  Be sure your child is READY for this class!!

    PS 2    PRESCHOOL 2 – Ages 3 to 5 years old. Previous water adjustment training is recommended.
    Must be able to submerge and blow bubbles for 5 seconds. Can float on front and back, glide 5 feet
    on front and back and is ready to learn how to swim.

    PS 3    PRESCHOOL 3 – For ages 3 to 5 years old who can swim at least 15 feet on the front using
    beginner stroke or scrawl stroke and 15 feet on the back using winging and kicking or backstroke.
    Can float on front and back for 7 seconds.

    L 1      YOUTH LEVEL 1 – Ages 6 and older.  The child is ready to begin their swimming experience. 
    There are NO entry level skills for this class.

    L 2      YOUTH LEVEL 2 – Must be able to submerge and blow bubbles.  Can glide on the front and
    back for 10 feet.  Can float on front and back for 5 seconds.

    L 3      YOUTH LEVEL 3 – Kick on front and back for 20 feet, submerge head for 10 seconds, swim
    combined stroke on front and back for 20 feet and demonstrate crawlstroke and backstroke.

    L 4      YOUTH LEVEL 4 – Can dive from the side, swim crawlstroke for 45 feet, whip kick on the
    back and backstroke for 45 feet.  Kick & roll: front to back & back to front. Kick on both sides
    for 25 feet.

    L 5      YOUTH LEVEL 5 – Front crawlstroke and backstroke for 25 yards, elementary backstroke for
    45 feet, whip kick for 45 feet, dolphin kick for 20 feet and swim underwater for 20 feet. Can
    shallow dive into deep water.

    L 6      YOUTH LEVEL 6 – Front crawlstroke and backstroke for 50 yards; breaststroke, sidestroke
    and elementary backstroke for 25 yards; and scissor kick for 45 feet. Demonstrate butterfly.

    A         ADULT LEVEL – Basic and intermediate swimmers only. This class is geared towards those
    students ages 14 and older who are either first learning how to swim, looking for remedial training
    or scared of the water.