• For several years, McKnight, Nelsen, and Dimmitt Middle School students have participated in a Sister-City Cultural Exchange Program with the school system in Nishiwaki, Japan. Risdon students will be able to participate in 2018. Traditionally, a delegation of 14 students and two adult leaders from Japan will visit Renton for 10 days in August of 2018. The Renton Delegation will then visit these same individuals in Japan for 10 days in October. Our delegation will be accompanied and supervised by an Assistant Principal and a Teacher.

    The educational value of this cultural exchange is beyond measure. It will provide our students the opportunity to share and appreciate cultural differences, learn about historical events in each country, and see the beauty of another place in the world.

    The program is completely self-funded as each Renton student participating pays a set amount, which will fund all airline tickets, as well as the costs of group activities and events. Each Renton delegation family will host a Japanese delegation member in their home.

    Please contact your school administrator for more information on the application process.


USA-Japan Flags as Puzzels