• Dr. Damien Pattenaude Dr. Damien Pattenaude has been selected by the Renton School Board as Renton School District’s new superintendent-elect. He will continue his current duties as the district’s Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Teaching while transitioning into his new position with current Superintendent Dr. Art Jarvis through the end of the 2016-2017 school year.

    Naming Dr. Pattenaude as the superintendent-elect provides the Renton School District with a unique opportunity to have a new superintendent begin his job complete with the knowledge and familiarity of district students, families and staff, as well as institutional knowledge of district policies, processes, and programs.

    Dr. Pattenaude’s transition plan allows him to continue to gain experience in all aspects of district leadership while building on the district’s positive momentum, including:

    • Stabilized District Leadership
    • Addressed Budgetary Concerns
    • Passed Maintenance & Operations and Capital Levies
    • Launched West Hill NOW! Initiative
    • Continued Partnerships with City of Renton and City of Newcastle
    • Opening Doors to Innovation (e.g., Sartori)

    Superintendent-elect Transition Plan Timeline:

    • October-December 2016 (Listening, Learning, and Engagement)
      • Conduct Introductory Meetings with Key Staff, Constituencies, and Community Members
      • Deepen Involvement in construction of Risdon Middle School and Sartori Elementary School; and 2017-18 Budget
    • January-February 2017 (Planning and Initiating Change)
      • Share Learning from Introductory Meetings
      • Introduce Major Initiatives/Areas of Focus for 2017-18
      • Share of Organizational Plans
      • Continue to Focus on Risdon Middle School and Sartori Elementary; and 2017-18 Budget, along with 2017-18 Staffing
    • March-May 2017 (Finalizing Key Decisions)
      • Finalize Staffing Decisions
      • Continue Budget Development
      • Continue to Focus on Risdon Middle School and Sartori Elementary School
    • June 2017 (Transition into Superintendent position)
      • Finalize Any Remaining Staffing and/or Budgetary Decisions