Building Technology Assistants

  • Building Technology Assistants provide fast and timely technology support at the building level by supplementing the Technology Customer Services Helpdesk support system. The goal is to have a positive impact on instruction by reducing the frequency teachers are pulled from the classroom while also providing fast support and greater technology reliability.


    1. Complete state-required (OSPI) Technology Building Survey and other required documents.
    2. Provide “first response” technology support to building after Technology Services Customer Services Helpdesk has been called and work order ticket created.
    3. Notify Helpdesk/Customer Services personnel of network performance issues.
    4. Facilitate communication between building personnel and Technology Services Customer Service Helpdesk.
    5. Ensure that Computer on Wheels equipment is booted and used (or tested) at least every three weeks.
    6. Support and comply with Technology Services Policies pertaining to the use of technology resources.
    7. Submit emails to Help Desk to report tasks performed to be recorded as resolved tickets.
    8. Attend two Technology Building Assistant meetings annually.


    1. Schedule use of building computer lab(s), if one is in your building (elementary schools).
    2. Maintain appearance standard and usability of building computer lab(s).
    3. Maintain schedule to loan out Computer on Wheels equipment within building.

    Participation Commitment

    Participants need to be able to provide support during their planning period, attend all meetings, participate in group discussions, and synthesis of information.

School Name Email Address
Benson Hill Elementary Aaron Stiner
Bryn Mawr Elementary Laura Grant
Campbell Hill Elementary Shawnez Graham
Cascade Elementary Luke Colasurdo
Dimmitt Middle School Stephen (Steve) Clark
Hazelwood Elementary Kimberlie Nelson
Hazen High School Brennen Busse
Highlands Elementary Daryl Buchmann
Honey Dew Elementary Matthew Bryant
Kennydale Elementary Olivia Rossenbach
Lakeridge Elementary Terrance Carlisle
Lindbergh High School Joseph Nawar
Maplewood Heights Elementary Jeff Porter
McKnight Middle School Robert Mullins
Meadow Crest Early Childhood Center Gwenn Moreno
Nelsen Middle School Kevin Christensen
Renton Academy Allison George
Renton High School Jeff Dowd
Renton Park Elementary Terry Garrido
Risdon Middle School TBD
Sierra Heights Elementary Norma Cuevas
Talbot Hill Elementary Benjamin Crandall
Talley High School Lindsey Dubb
Tiffany Park Elementary Bryce Thompson