Renton School District Technology Vision

  • Using technology intentionally and innovatively leads to greater equity and achievement for all students by:

    • increasing rigorous learning opportunities
    • enhancing authentic learning environments
    • providing differentiated and personalized learning
    • supporting collaboration, productivity, and creativity
    • providing opportunities to develop and demonstrate critical thinking skills

    This ensures high quality instruction and learning for every child, every day in every environment and advances our goals of achievement, college and career readiness, and equity and access.

    We live and work in a digital environment – one of instantaneous access to information and communication. Wireless access is assumed, ubiquitous access through ‘smart’ devices is expected. Just as these capabilities allow us to interact in ways we could not imagine 20 years ago, our education system needs to prepare our students for jobs that do not exist today and in many cases we cannot even imagine.

    This document, while commonly referred to as a ‘tech plan,’ is a roadmap supporting all of the work in the district. Technology touches everyone in the district and in turn technology’s impact is amplified by the users.

    The 2022 Technology Vision prepares our students for their future by supporting major societal and education trends

    • New Standards
      • Common Core Standards and Aligned Curriculum
      • Common Assessments (Smarter Balanced)
    • New Expectations
      • Wireless Access Anytime, Anywhere - In and Out of School
      • Access to Data and Curriculum Anytime
    • New Technologies
      • Mobile, Inexpensive Devices
      • Data Collected and Shared - the Internet of Things
    • New Collaborative Opportunities
      • Student to Student
      • Teacher to Teacher
      • School to Parent and Community
    • New Learning Options
      • Personalized
      • Blended 
      • Differentiated

    These trends are leading to the adoption and creation of new instructional models infusing technology and digital resources to support our District’s Improvement Plan. The Technology Vision and societal trends provides the roadmap that guides the District in meeting the expectations of the next decade.

    Technology Governance and 2022 Technology Vision

    The Renton Technology Coordinating Council (RTCC) provides the leadership and guides the work of technology implementations. RTCC is made of up of a range of district and community stakeholders. You can see more information about RTCC. Though RTCC provides overall governance, the 2022 Technology Vision was created with the guidance and input from a variety of stakeholders and multiple methods including:

    • Online surveys of district staff (2014 and 2015)
    • Online survey of device requirements – staff and students (2016)
    • School Listen and Learn Tours (2014)
    • Interviews of District Leadership (2015)
    • Discussions and vision sharing building administrators
    • 2016 – 2022 Technology Plan reviews by district staff
    • Community Review
    • Renton Technology Coordinating Council (RTCC) ongoing input and consultation

    The 2022 Technology Vision and Implementation Plan will be reviewed and revised by RTCC yearly. The revisions will be shared with staff and the Leadership team for additional input. This plan provides details on the first two years (2016-17 and 2017-18) with a broad outline of the remaining years. Our rapidly changing technology and curricula environment requires analysis and review of our implementation during the first two years to create appropriate plans for succeeding years.