Keyboarding Resources

  • Keyboarding is an essential skill for students in today’s world, with an increase in the number of online classes, online tests, learning management platforms, and the expectation that students will type fluently by the time they enter college or career. Mastery of keyboarding allows students to focus on language quality in writing as well as organization and structure, in addition to removing a barrier to their success on online tests including college-readiness exams.

    The following keyboarding programs are designed to introduce keyboarding and to build fluency. Students will want to spend time within the programs to learn the typing basics. Students will then want to generalize their skills through creation/publishing their work or writing assignments and become producers and publishers.

    Dance Mat Typing

    Purpose: To develop typing skills
    ● Students do not login because there is no data that is saved
    ● Students go through an animated lesson (headphones needed). At the end of each level, they test their typing speed.
    ● There are 4 levels in the program.
    ● Helpful tips to teach students under the tab “Why learn to touch type?”
    Please use Google Chrome to run this program.

    Typing Club

    Purpose: To develop typing skills
    ● Login with Office 365 account
    ● 100 lessons
    ● Green is correct, red is incorrect
    ● Need to get 80% or higher to pass a level
    ● Students should line up their hands on the home row with their index finger on the keys with the bumps (f, j). They can use the picture of the fingers to guide their typing.
    ● Have students use a tracking log to keep track of progress.


    Purpose: To increase typing speed
    ● Create a login (suggested username: student number, password: 12345)
    ● Race the computer or friends (add under the tab Friends)
    ● Earn money to purchase cars, paint cars, and buy nitro (allows students to skip words by pressing enter in the race, this can only be used up to 3x)
    ● Go to Stats to see how students are progressing