Technology Support of District Goals

  • Overview

    Technology by itself does not improve teaching, learning or the efficient operation of the district. It needs to be part of a broader plan that consciously incorporates technology to support the attainment of our goals. Our District Improvement Plan guides the implementation of 2022 Technology Vision and Plan.

    Renton School District Technology Vision

    Using technology intentionally and innovatively leads to greater equity and achievement for all students by:

    • increasing rigorous learning opportunities
    • enhancing authentic learning environments
    • providing differentiated and personalized learning
    • supporting collaboration, productivity, and creativity 
    • providing opportunities to develop and demonstrate critical thinking skills

    This ensures high quality instruction and learning for every child, every day in every environment and advances our goals of achievement, college and career readiness, and equity and access.

    The next section reviews the 2022 Technology Vision Plan alignment with our five district goals. It provides specifics for the first two years of the Levy along with a vision of the future implementations.

    District Improvement Goals and Technology Outcomes 

    Goal 1: Pre-K/12 Achievement – Each student will meet or exceed all state and district standards. Intentional, innovative use of technology will have a direct impact on student achievement by:

    • using tools/resources to support rigorous, standards-based instruction
    • allowing for tighter horizontal alignment across subjects and vertical alignment across grades
    • increasing the ability to differentiate and personalize learning
    • facilitate the use of accessible, accurate, and actionable data

    Goal 2: College and Career Ready – Each student will graduate with the necessary skills and appropriate plan to continue to post-secondary options. Learning technology will provide more opportunities for students to develop real-world skills, including:

    • Creativity and innovation
    • Communication and collaboration
    • Research and information fluency
    • Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making

    Goal 3: Equity and Access – Each student will be valued, connected and achieving – no barriers. This will include providing students with access to the internet from home, with that capability. Technology can address issues of equity and access by:

    • Extending learning opportunities
    • Engaging families
    • Empowering students with ownership over their own learning

    Goal 4: Business and School Operations - The 2022 Vision supports the educational process, increase student achievement and provide value through efficient and effective allocation of technology operational resources in schools and departments by:

    • Providing integrated, secure services accessible inside and outside of the district available 365 days, 24 hours a day
    • Creating a sustainable modernization/refresh plan for district technology – computers, printers, copiers, servers, network infrastructure, etc.
    • Developing and supporting the appropriate partnerships between all departments and provide interconnections between department databases and systems

    Goal 5: Human Resources – Will use exemplary practices to recruit, train and retain diverse, high quality staff for schools and departments through:

    • Providing ongoing technology professional development to staff that is aligned with new standards, curriculum, instructional practice, and assessments
    • Utilize a recruitment management system to attract and retain high quality candidates for both certificated and classified staff
    • Implement an effective substitute management system to ensure classroom coverage with the limited substitute pool