Tips for Parents/Guardians

  • Here are some tips for what families can do to support your student(s)*

    • Let your student know that you value education as an important part of their future.
    • Communicate with your student's teachers and let them know you want to be involved.
    • Check your student's school planner regularly for homework assignments.
    • Set aside time every day for your student to complete homework and .
    • Make sure your student completes his/her homework and studies for quizzes and tests.
    • Talk to your student about the highlights and lowlights that happened at school that day.
    • Help your student use problem-solving skills in difficult situations.  Ask your student, "How might you move through this situation?" as opposed to telling your student exactly what to do, and then discuss your student's ideas for next steps.
    • Know your student's friends and their families.
    • Communicate with your student's school counselor if you feel your student needs extra support or is facing a specific challenge.
    • Access Skyward Family Access.  If you need your username and password, contact

    Did you know when families are involved, students are more likely to:
    Attend school regularly
    Pass more classes and earn more credits
    Display more positive attitudes about school
    Refrain from destructive activities, such as alcohol, drug use, and violence
    Graduate from high school

    *Source: National Center on Secondary Education and Transition, 2006