• • Can be taken indoors or out Photos should be waist up pose. No full body shots.
    • No hands near face – arms and hands should not be above the waist.
    • No knees blocking the body.
    • Student must be sitting or standing. No photo of students lying on the ground.
    • Clothing and jewelry must be in accordance with school dress code guidelines.
    • No low necklines (no cleavage showing).
    • No hand gestures or hand signs.
    • Scenery (trees, rocks, columns, etc.) should not block the view of the student and should be appropriate for school.
    • Either indoor or outdoor photos are accepted.
    • Background must be simple and uncluttered (Simple backgrounds work the best).
    • No black and white photos; must be in color.
    • No texture, name stamping, embossing, logo, or date stamp.
    • Photo MUST BE VERTICAL. Horizontal photos will not work with yearbook formatting.

    Senior photos can be uploaded to

    The deadline for Senior pictures is December 1