Sartori Elementary School Updates

Sartori School Architect's Drawing
  • Thanks to overwhelming voter support in the Feb. 2016 school construction levy election, a new, much-needed elementary school is being built at the Sartori Elementary School site, at 332 Park Ave North, Renton.

    Because the school is needed now as students and families continue to move into the district, Superintendent Dr. Art Jarvis has placed the construction of the new school on a fast track. Integrus Architecture has been hired to design the school. Demolition of the homes on the perimeter of the property is scheduled for mid-June; demolition of the old school building is scheduled to begin in August/September.

    Renton School Board held a study session recently to take a look at the design for the three-story, 650-student-school. Designers and architects from Integrus, using input from teachers, principals and others, showed how the school, playground and field could be configured on the site. The design shows the defining edge of the school positioned along Park Ave North, with the school bus drop off and parking along Garden Ave. North. The playground would be positioned at the north end of the site, along with a park-like green space. The school will be designed to allow flexibility for future use; like walls that can be moved to expand some areas or make two classrooms out of one.

    The school will be a kindergarten-thru-fifth-grade school and could be designed as a choice school, meaning that parents from neighborhoods throughout the district could choose to enroll their child in the new school. The school will have flexible learning spaces that can be changed as the needs of students change; and that can be adapted to accommodate new, innovative technologies.

    Opening of Sartori Elementary School is scheduled for September 2018.

Elementary School Construction Schedule