4th Grade Discovery Supply List

    • 1 flash drive (8.0 GB) This is very important for your child to have for their writing and reading work and will continue to be used through next year.
    • 1 view binder - 2 – 2 ½ inch (no Trapper Keepers®)
    • 6 write on dividers (2-2 1/2 in.)
    • 4  spiral notebooks - 70-100 pages  (4 different colors)
    • Backpack, standard size (Go for heavy duty...we load them up!)
    • 2 boxes of tissues (like Kleenex®) *
    • 1 pair of adult scissors (label w/first name)
    • 3 glue sticks
    • 4 dozen #2 pencils
    • 2 fine point permanent markers - like Sharpie® markers *
    • 4 extra fine point black permanent markers - Sharpie® markers *
    • Eraser (Pink Pearl® type)
    • Pencil pouch (for binder)
    • Pencil box (for desk)
    • Colored markers
    • Colored pencils
    • Ruler with inches and centimeters
    • 3 packages of notebook paper
    • 3 highlighters
    • 2 reams of copy paper *
    • 3 packs of small sticky notes *
    • Zip-top sandwich bags (if your last name begins with A-K)
    • Zip-top gallon bags (if your last name begins with L-Z)

    * Indicates that it will be collected for class use

    **I suggest you buy extras of any items you think you will need more of during the year. (Summer is a great time to save money on supplies!)

    Download a PDF of the 4th Grade Discovery Supply List

Provide for Emergency Supplies

  • $5 for each student for Emergency Supply Kits

    The Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) will use the funds collected to supply each classroom with the essential items needed in the event of an emergency or disaster situation.  It is important that we have full participation with this monetary request to insure the safety of our students.  Please plan to give your student's $5 contribution to his/her teacher by the first week of school.