2nd Grade Supply List

  • We recommend that you stock up on these items while they are on sale as your student may need a replacement during the year.  Additional supplies may not be provided by the school or teacher.

    • Backpack, standard size
    • 3 plastic pocket folders for homework (1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow)
    • 2 boxes colored pencils
    • 1 box markers (like Crayola® markers)
    • 1 box crayons (standard 24-color pack)
    • 2 pairs of scissors (like (Fiskars® pointed end)
    • 2 boxes of facial tissue
    • 6 glue sticks (NO Elmers® white glue or other liquid glue)
    • 6 boxes of #2 pencils (Ticonderoga® is preferred, sharpened)
    • 1 package erasers – like Pink Pearl® (no pencil tops)
    • 1 box zip-top sandwich baggies
    • 1 box zip-top gallon-sized bags
    • 2 black permanent markers - like Sharpies®
    • 1 yellow highlighter
    • 1 ream of copy paper (20 lb.)

    These items listed above will be collected for shared class usage.

    >Download a PDF of the 2nd Grade Supply List

Provide for Emergency Supplies

  • $5 for each student for Emergency Supply Kits

    The Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) will use the funds collected to supply each classroom with the essential items needed in the event of an emergency or disaster situation.  It is important that we have full participation with this monetary request to insure the safety of our students.  Please plan to give your student's $5 contribution to his/her teacher by the first week of school.