Funding for the Lindbergh Pool

  • District to hold another meeting regarding pool at Lindbergh High School 

    Work to bring funding for the pool into district's budget continues

    March 4, 2010-Renton School District continues to look for funding to bring the responsibility of maintaining the pool at Lindbergh High School into next year's budget responsibilities.

    Community members attending recent districtwide budget meetings heard about the district's challenge to add a new funding responsibility when it faces state cuts next year of as much as $4.3 million.

    The district plans another community meeting to talk specifically about the Lindbergh pool on Tuesday, March 16, 6:30 p.m. at Lindbergh High School cafeteria.

    Even though the pool is located at Lindbergh High, it was until recently the property of King County. The pool at Hazen High School is district property, maintained and funded by the district.

    The Lindbergh pool, and the building it sits in, were transferred from King County to the district in Feb. 2008, and included enough funds to operate the pool through 2010. It will cost the district $476,700 to operate the pool this school year. Pool fees and rentals bring in about $301, 700, or 63 percent of the operating budget. Finding an additional $175,000 to operate the pool will be difficult for the district as it faces additional cuts from the state.

    The district is looking at reducing overhead costs to manage the pool, raising fees and possibly finding a creditable outside organization to take over the responsibility to manage the pool.

    The state Legislature is working on a state budget deficient that is projected at $2.6 billion, which will mean deep cuts to education including:

    • Cut preschool for 3-year-olds in low income areas
    • Increase class sizes in kindergarten through fourth grade
    • Cut gifted education (Discovery program in our district)
    • Suspend all-day kindergarten
    • More

    While no decisions have been made, the district's budget priorities are to first provide education for its nearly 14,500 students. The Legislature has planned a March 11 date for release of its budget.


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