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    In order for students to graduate prepared to choose their future, and for our schools to be relevant, current, and college-aligned, we will use a learning management system that enables greater personalization, access to resources and course materials during and outside of the school day, and the ability for students to work towards standards mastery. 

    Canvas is available to all Renton staff and students. Canvas is our Learning Management System (LMS).

    What is a LMS?

    A LMS is a web-based framework that handles all aspects of the learning process. A LMS can do some or all of the following in a classroom:

    • Distribute and organize instructional content
    • Provide modes for differentiation, student choice, extension, or practice
    • Provide modes of collaboration
    • Provide modes of assessment and feedback
    • Track formative and summative grades

    Canvas will also be used by our district to enhance and support instruction by providing course framework, collaboration, and professional learning opportunities.

    Rationale: Using a learning management system allows for...

    • Students to access course content inside and outside of class and communicate with teachers, thereby expanding learning opportunities
    • Greater personalization of student learning through use of blended learning instructional practices and differentiated resources
    • Ease of access to resources and increased collaboration for teachers across school sites (including sharing and regular refreshing of learning materials) with support from curriculum specialists to allow teachers to focus on instructional practices
    • Increased family engagement and involvement with student learning
    • Differentiated professional learning opportunities for all staff

    Alignment with district goals:

    • Supports standards based planning, instruction, and assessment by providing broad access for teachers and students to aligned, relevant, instructional materials that can be personalized to support ALL students.
    • Prepares graduating students for college experiences through the use of an LMS.


    Question: What happens to all the content I created from previous semesters/years?

    • Any course(s) you are the “teacher” of will be available as read-only. You will have access to everything (except student work) and can easily import some or all of it into your new course(s).

    Question: When will I be able to add content to course(s) for the 2017-18 school year?

    • New course “shells” will appear soon after that building’s registrar has created them and the sync has occurred between Skyward and Canvas. To work on creating new content before the first days of school, use the sandbox. As long as you use some sort of naming convention for your pages/discussions/quizzes/etc., content for all your different preps can be made in there and then when you import, you can import all content or select which pieces go with which course.
    • Courses will be ready soon after school begins. The automation takes a little bit of time and we appreciate your patience with the process. In the meanwhile, plan on having students access courses content directly (i.e. not yet through Canvas).
    • Semester 2 courses: Teacher access for Semester 2 courses will open on the first day of December 2017. This will allow teachers to plan and work on course content prior to the semester starting. Students will be able to access their semester 2 courses on January 30, 2018.

    School building Technology Integration Specialists, Digital Learning Coaches, and Hoonuit (previously Atomic Learning) are all available to help staff and students make the most of this digital tool.

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