Ways We Improve

  • Report Card

    Renton School District hired an independent consultant in 2014 to perform an in-depth safety and security audit. The audit included; on-site walk-throughs of every school; interviews of principals and school staff members; online survey results from a sampling of more than 1,000 parents and community members; reviews of current safety and security plans; and information gathered from meetings with district staff, citizens and local law enforcement leaders. The consultant returned fourteen recommendations for improvement across four key areas: safety and security, school safety, emergency preparedness, and communications and partnerships, noting actions the district could take to make our schools better prepared to respond to emergencies and natural disasters. Renton School District board members reviewed and approved these recommendations and voted to begin implementation of Phase I of the plan which included restoring the position of a Safety and Security Manager, charged with organizing and supervising the department.

Table lists the actions to be taken and phases of progress

    Works accomplished

    • Contracted IP upgrade for all Analog Surveillance Cameras in secondary schools to be completed May 2016.


    Works in progress

    • Contracted a new Emergency Radio Communications System to be completed August 2016.
    • Contracted upgrades for Photo ID and Keycard Access Control to be completed August 2016.


    Works pending

    • Finalizing contract for new IP Video Camera Surveillance Systems in all primary schools and KEC building.