Responsible Use Policy (RUP)

  • Students and Families: PLEASE READ THIS TOGETHER

    Statement of Purpose

    Renton School District teachers and students use technology and internet-based tools in their classrooms on a regular basis to support student learning and prepare students to engage in the rapidly changing world. These technologies improve student communication and collaboration skills, provide an authentic audience, and extend learning beyond the classroom walls while building digital citizenship skills. Student access to technology requires responsible, courteous, efficient, and legal use. Our goal in providing access to these resources is to enhance learning experiences and to educate students in responsible and appropriate use.  It is important that students and parents recognize that information posted on the internet is public, permanent, and needs to be appropriate.

    Terms of Agreement:

    1. I agree to follow teachers’/building/district instructions when using technology.
    2. I agree to be polite, considerate, and to use appropriate language.
    3. I agree to report and/or help prevent any bullying, abuse, or harm of others.
    4. I agree to tell an adult if I read, see, or access something inappropriate, or if I witness inappropriate use of technology.
    5. I agree to adhere with all filters and security measures.
    6. I agree to use technology carefully and to conserve district resources.
    7. I agree not to share my passwords, except with my teacher or parent/guardian (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act or FERPA).
    8. I agree to use only my own files and folders. I will not access another individual’s files and folders without his/her permission.
    9. I agree not to reveal or post personal information belonging to myself or another person (i.e., passwords, addresses, or telephone numbers).
    10. I agree to adhere to copyright laws.
    11. I agree to follow the technology check-out process.

    Adhering to Federal, State and, local laws, Renton School District will protect student and employee data. However, I understand that my use of any district technology (computer, network, internet, resources, etc.) will be monitored and is neither private nor confidential to district/authorized personnel.  I understand that if I violate this agreement, the district’s policies and procedures, or my student handbook, I may not be allowed to continue to use technology or I may receive other appropriate consequences.

    Cross-References/Guiding Reference/ Guiding Policies/ Policies

    Board Policy: 2022 Instruction-Technology Resources

    International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) NETs standards:
    Educational Technology Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRS):

    1. Creativity and Innovation

    2. Research and Information Fluency

    3. Communication and Collaboration

    4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

    5. Digital Citizenship

    6. Technology Operations and Concepts

    1. EALR 1 Integration

    a. Innovate

    b. Collaborate

    c. Investigate and Think Critically

    2. EALR 2 Digital Citizenship

    a. Practice Safety

    b. Operate Systems

    c. Select and Use Applications

    d. Adapt to Change (Technology Fluency)