Fixed Assets

  • The Renton School District retains a fixed asset database in order to comply with GASB guidelines. This allows for tracking the movement of assets, as well as any changes in the status of our assets. These are inventoried on an annual basis and updated as necessary.

    Included in the database are the following types of items:

    • All buildings and land
    • Construction in progress
    • Major equipment (Items over $5,000 purchase price)
    • Motor vehicles

    Other assets are also inventoried annually and not maintained on the fixed asset listing. The District's capitalization policy establishes a $5,000 threshold where items below the threshold are not reported.  Such items include:

    • Desktop and laptop computers
    • Flat screen monitors
    • Digital and video cameras
    • Laser printers
    • PDA's
    • Multi-media projectors and screens
    • Televisions
    • AED units (Defibrillators)
    • Copiers