Safety Before & After School

  • If your student walks to school and crosses Talbot Road, please remind them to wait for the adult supervisor and the crossing guards before crossing. Talbot Road is a busy road, and our safety patrol wants our students to be safe. And if you are driving on Talbot Road, watch out for our crossing guards and obey the posted speed limit of 20 mph during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.

    During the morning drop off, please do not park in any of the through lanes or leave your car unattended as we have a lot of cars coming in. Next to the curb by the school is a fire lane and is for drop off only. Please do not park and leave your car unattended in this lane.

    Please also keep in mind that the lane closest to the parking stalls is a pass-through only lane for cars. Students should not be running to meet their parents while in this lane.

    During dismissal, we have many students meeting parents at the front of the building. Parents are asked to wait for their student outside, near the flagpole. They can be picked up either alongside the curb, or meet you in the parking lot. You and your student should only cross in the marked crosswalks. We have a safety patrol member stationed there to help crossing before and after school.

    Thank you for helping keep all of our children safe!