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    Summer 2016 Projects 

Capital Projects

  • 2016 Levey – Planning and design phase for new Sartori Elementary School #15

    2012 Bond - Capital projects continuation: Risdon Middle School

    Portables – Double portable classrooms to be installed at: Bryn Mawr ES, Hazelwood ES, Maplewood ES (x2), Talbot Hill ES (x2)  


  • Lakeridge ES – Boiler and DHW upgrades. Substantial completion August 26th

    Lindbergh HS – Underground storage tank (UST) removal. Substantial completion August 15th

    Hazen HS - Combustion gas mitigation in music rooms. Substantial completion August 26th

    Maplewood Heights ES - Attic ventilation and sprinkler upgrades. Substantial completion July 20th

    Tiffany Park ES - Corridor heating upgrades. Substantial completion July 30th

    District-wide - Access Control upgrades. Substantial completion mid-August

Energy Management

  • District-wide – annual summer shutdown exercise

    EnergyCenter - energy management software set-up and implementation

    District-wide - elementary school gym lighting control upgrades

    BA Fans -  Pilot project in one classroom and admin space at Honeydew ES


  • Highlands ES - Gym floor upgrade (Possible Spring Break install)

    Nelsen MS – Carpet upgrade in all classrooms. Substantial completion August 5th

    Renton HS – Walk off matt installation, and entry grate infill. Substantial completion August 5th

    Renton HS, Lindbergh HS, Hazen HS, Nelsen MS, Dimmitt MS, McKnight MS, Honey Dew ES, and Sierra Heights ES - Gym floor refinishing. Substantial completion August 12th


  • Hazen HS - Softball field upgrades. Substantial completion September 15th