Our Responsibilities

  • The management and coordination of the programming, planning, design, and constriction for all voters approved, Construction Bond financed, capital improvement projects for the Renton School District. Capital Improvement Projects are those having a direct influence and affecting the value of the facility investment.

Project Types

    • New facility construction
    • Replacement of an existing facility
    • The expansion of or addition to an existing facility
    • Facility support system improvements, upgrades, or replacement

Project Funding

  • Capital project funding is allocated through citizen support and approval by simple majority vote on a School Board proposed Construction Bond Measure. The Bond proposal is generated by a committee composed of citizens, parents, and District staff that visits each facility to identify the various needs of all facilities of the District, and considers the following in formulating a bond proposal recommendation to the School Board for their review and potential adoption:

    • Which facilities; which projects
    • Scope of work for each project
    • Estimated cost for each project
    • Overall Bond amount to be submitted to voters
    • Suggested* sequence of work; which projects in which order
    • Suggested* target completion date for each project or phase

    * Final sequence of work, project order, and projected completion dates are determined after the Design Consultant Teams are selected and preliminary discussion with the regulatory agencies have taken place.

Project Duration

  • The length of a project is dependent upon many factors such as:

    • Educational program requirements
    • Complexity of the project
    • Availability of appropriate temporary and transitional facilities to house the programs and student population. For general planning purposes the following guidelines may be used:

    Planning/Design/Document Production/Permitting

      • Elementary School – 12 to 18 months
      • Secondary School – 18 to 24 months


      • Elementary school – 12 to 14 months
      • Secondary schools – 18 to 24 months


  • Susanne Whitlock
    Chief of Support Services

    Scott Hodgins

    Executive Director, Capital Projects

    Stewart Shusterman

    Facilities Project Manager

    Matthew Feldmeyer

    Facilities Project Manager

    J. Stine

    Program Manager,
    District Energy Management Office

    Renton School District

    Facilities, Operations and Maintenance Center

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    Phone: (425) 204-4470

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