Green Cleaning

  • Going Green, Safe For The Environment, Effective On Cleaning

    The Renton School District, Custodial Department is taking great efforts in minimizing the carbon footprint by selecting products that are both safe for the environment and tough on dirt.  When selecting cleaning products that are:

    • Biodegradable
    • Multi-purpose cleaners
    • Ingredients from renewable resources
    • Are packaged in a refillable or recyclable containers
    • Avoid fragrances and dyes
    • Have neutral pH.

    Currently, our district uses ZEP, Tuff Green Multi -Purpose Cleaner which is described by ZEP Manufacturing as: A ready-to-use environmentally friendly all- purpose cleaner containing a blend of biodegradable surfactants, emulsifiers, and builders.

    • No APEs: Formulated with biodegradable environmentally friendly surfactants
    • No Rinsing Required: Just spray and wipe off the surface except for food contact surfaces
    • Versatile: Can be used on broad range of surfaces

    The Custodial Department also uses measures such as; using cloths instead of paper towels when dusting/cleaning and mops that are washable rather than one use items that are tossed away.

    We are dedicated to providing a safe and clean environment for our staff and students and to learning more about “Green Cleaning”.