Building a Greenhouse!

  • It all started in Spring 2015, when Talbot Hill was the only entity in Washington state to win a 2015 "Keep America Beautiful/Waste Management Think Green Grant". We had proposed to build a greenhouse and garden on our front lawn. So our quest began! We identified the specific elements we wanted - at least one greenhouse, fencing to surround it and then all the gardening tools, soil and plants & seeds! We soon discovered our project goals far exceeded our $5,000 grant. Talbot Hill Educational Trust (THET) and our PTO stepped in with matching funds.

    With project approval from the Renton School District Board, we found 2 perfect greenhouses; we designed our site and work began.

    On a rainy Saturday in November 2015, several Talbot Hill families came out to strip the sod off the space where our greenhouses will be installed. They rented a machine to cut the sod, then they had to roll up the strips. Do you know how heavy WET strips of sod are?? Afterwards, they had to be sure that the area was smoothed off to be ready for the next phase - installing the fence then getting the trenches dug & the final preparation for the greenhouses to be installed.

    The next weekend was sunny but cold - and Mrs. McDowell's parents brought their fence installing skills to Talbot Hill's greenhouse. They started with digging the holes, setting the poles in concrete then installing the chain link fencing and gates.

    Waste Management donated the use of 2 dumpsters to haul away the sod. We used some of the sod to fill in the holes and low spots, and then trundled the rest into the dumpsters.

    Almost as soon as the fence was finished, Solar Gem Greenhouses brought out our new greenhouses and set them up inside our fence. The greenhouses have shelves inside and walkways inside. They are ready to go! Even on cold days, our Greenhouses are warm!

    Now it's our Green Garden Organization's turn - to use the greenhouses for their plants! Looking forward to what will be growing soon! We still need to add a few things - a small shed to hold our tools, more gardening tools, a rainbarrel - and the all important soil, plants and seeds! We would also welcome gardening mentors - do you like to garden?