Events & Opportunities

  • Registration is open for Summer Digital Learning sessions! These sessions model best practices in teaching and are designed to help you empower students drive their own learning. Our courses will include introductions to Project Based Learning, Learning Management Systems that increase collaboration opportunities (like Google Classroom and Canvas), and so much more.

    Summer Institute

    The Summer Institue will be held at Benson Hill Elementary School on August 21, 2018. 

    You can register for the August Summer Institute through the ProDev Portal using ID #6518



    coming soon

    The Digital Learning Team is providing a year-long Project Based Learning (PBL) course that will demonstrate how inquiry-based learning can empower students to drive their own learning, foster growth mindsets, and metacognition. These sessions will address how key principles (authentic audience, real-world scenarios, reflective practice) of project based learning can be applied to your own teaching. More info to come this fall!