Technology Funding included in the Capital Facilities Levy

  • The Capital Levy to Construct and Renovate School Facilities will include finding to continue the District's long-range comprehensive Technology Plan

    What it pays for, why it matters:

    Modern technology can never replace a good teacher. But, a good teacher armed with valuable technology tools and strategies can become even better. The six-year $55.5 million Technology Replacement Levy is not a new tax, it will replace one that expires in 2016 to:

    • Provide students and teachers with in-class laptops and mobile computers for accessing up to date curriculum throughout the day
    • Provide parents, students, and teachers with an internet-based tool to access district curriculum at any time
    • Provide access to classroom grades, test scores, and student progress toward graduation
    • Update our mobile environment allowing robust internet access and ‘cloud computing’ throughout the District
    • Modernize classrooms with new presentation devices with interactive capabilities
    • Provide teachers with increased opportunities for professional development and training in the use of technology aligned to the curriculum
    • Educate children to be safe, responsible and productive  ‘digital’ citizens
    • Use the Internet to communicate with parents and students through active and interactive school and district Web sites and social media outlets.

    Past projects to infuse technology into classrooms have been completed on time and on budget.

    Partial list of improvements:

    School-based technology
    • Additional classroom laptops to support all students
    • teacher laptops
    • Teacher data tools to track student progress
    • Continued  training  for teachers and staff on using technology for learning
    • Software training for teachers and staff
    • Teacher presentation stations

    District-wide infrastructure
    • On-line curriculum system upgrades
    • Server upgrades to complement  ’cloud computing’
    • Network systems upgrades and expansion
    • Wireless capability improvements
    •  Modernizing technology for all staff

    How is it paid for?
    Collection of funding from both approved levies would begin in 2017. The most reliable financial forecasts estimate that these measures will not increase tax rates that are paid in 2016. This will place the district’s total rate at $5.45/$1,000. The total annual tax payments for district residents are expected to remain constant through 2020. School District tax rates are expected to decrease over time as old debt is retired and assessed value in the area begins to increase once again.

Year Replacement Educational Programs/M&O Rate Capital Facilities Rate/Old bond debt Total Tax Rate
2016 $2.35 $0.43/$2.57 $5.35
2017 $2.30 $1.31/$1.34 $4.96
2018 $2.73 (est) $1.34/$1.38 (est) $5.45 (est)
2019 $2.85 (est) $1.25/$1.35 (est) $5.45 (est)
2020 $2.96 (est) $1.18/$1.31 (est) $5.45 (est)