• Rental Information

    The Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center reservation calendar opens to the public in late-July for the upcoming school year. Midweek availability is dependent on school district usage.  To check availability, please contact the theater Manager at 425.204.3454.

    Seating Capacity:
    Mildly raked house with no balcony.  The venue seats up to 540 with permanent theater seating, including 8 wheelchair spaces.  Seating Chart is available upon request.  Please note:  Theater must be notified in advance if any wheelchair seats are sold.
    Loading Facilities:
    There is no loading dock.  The Scene Shop has a loading door (10'4" wide x 11'3" high) at street level with unimpeded rolling access to Stage Left.  Distance from loading door to Stage Left = 30'.
    Theater Floorplan:
    Diagram is available upon request.
    Onsite parking lot with 180 spaces is located to the east of the performing arts center.  Use is free, but availability is not guaranteed.  Please note:  Onsite parking is not allowed from 7am-2pm during the school day.  Additional parking is available at the City of Renton Parking Garage, located a half block away.  
    Technical Staff:
    The house production staff consists of locally trained stagehands supervised by a Technical Director.  Depending on the needs of your event, we will staff highly trained lighting and sound technicians in the Control Booth and on-deck.  Renton High School, located adjacent to the theater provides student interns and/or technicians for appropriate events.  Interns are supervised at all times.  Please note:  Only Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center staff and interns may operate the theater's light, sound, and rigging equipment.
    School Board Policy:
    School Board Policies 4210 and 4215  prohibit the use of Alcohol, Tobacco and Weapons on campus.  Failure to comply with these policies are grounds for discontinuing events and fines.