RSD Maintenance Work Order Guidelines & Procedures

  • Updated September 2015

    Please call the maintenance office to report emergencies or very high priority work order requests. Examples of emergencies and very high priority problems are as follows:

    • Heating and/or cooling system failures.
    • Plumbing leaks that could cause damage to the building structure or contents.  Note: Dripping sink faucets are not emergencies.
    • Roof leaks.
    • Graffiti (48 hour removal target).
    • Broken windows.
    • Natural gas odor, or serious air quality problems.
    • Power outages.
    • Any building or grounds related item that poses a serious and immediate threat to life safety, or property.
    • Door access problems requiring immediate attention.
    • Failures of Nutrition Services walk-in and reach-in coolers and freezers.

    For all phone reported emergencies and very high priorities, maintenance staff will generate a work order in the School Dude system. Please do not submit a work order if you have already reported the problem to the maintenance office. This will prevent wasteful duplication.

    All other work order requests must be sent through the School Dude online work order system. For School Dude technical support, please call Julia Temby, or Laura DeLeeuw at 425-204-4400.

    Please provide a thorough “Request Description” of the problem when submitting a work order. This will expedite processing and help with the assignment of the appropriate priority level. The request description should include the specific nature of the problem and the specific room number of the affected space. If the request is exceptionally time sensitive, please include a requested “hard” completion date. Every effort will be made to meet the requested “hard” completion date.

    Please do not combine requests involving multiple trades onto one work order. Our trades include: HVAC technicians, boiler technician, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, glazier, locksmith/door technician, and painter.

    Due to budget reductions over the last 19 years, funding exceptions have been developed to better reflect the level of resources available to the maintenance program. Categories that the maintenance department does not fund due to lack of budget capacity include:

    • Electronic reader board installation, repairs and replacement (Service vendor funded by school)
    • Scoreboard installation, repairs and replacement (Service vendor funded by school)
    • Kitchenette appliance repair and/or replacement (staff lounges & PTSA rooms). Note: When ordering a new refrigerator, dishwasher or microwave, always include disposal of the old appliance as part of the purchase. Labor is provided by the maintenance department to disconnect and reinstall new dishwashers in lounges and kitchenettes.  
    • Facility modifications or “new installations” of any kind. The buildings have the option of funding all parts and materials necessary (labor provided by maintenance staff) for approved minor facility modifications. This includes, but is not limited to; new electrical outlets, new drinking fountains, partitions, lighting improvements, new windows, new door or cabinet locks, additional white boards new A/C equipment, floor covering modifications, etc.  
    • Major furniture repair/replacement. Major parts and furniture component replacement must be funded by the building budget.  (Minor repairs that require fasteners, or some light welding are OK)
    • White board and projector screen replacement (school funds, maintenance  installs)
    • New signage. Any new interior or exterior signage requires a funding source. Maintenance only replaces pre-existing signs that are vandalized or missing.
    • Athletic equipment repair and replacement such as weight room equipment, tennis nets, gymnastic equipment, soccer goals and nets.
    • Salmon program support.  Limited labor is available on a lowest priority basis. School funds all parts and materials.
    • Playground play structure component replacement. Grounds staff perform minor repairs involving new fasteners and also perform repairs to the safety surfacing. All significant repairs must be funded from outside the grounds/maintenance accounts.

    Please refer all inquires and requests related to phones, closed circuit TV, TV and data cabling. AV equipment, including DVD players, VCR’s, portable and fixed public address system amplifiers, mixing boards and microphones, to the Technical Services Help Desk. Note: Maintenance does service combined intercom/clock/bell systems.

    Note: Custodial staff change Tech Services provided filters and bulbs in classroom ceiling mounted projectors.

    To  check about the status of a work order, you can look in your School Dude homepage. For questions call the maintenance office, or email Julia Temby or Laura DeLeeuw. Always provide the work order number to facilitate a timely response.

    Priority System

    Due to the 30% decrease in staffing and increase in workload over the past decade, the average work order backlog is high at the HVAC, carpenter, and painting positions. In FY 2014-2015, our staff completed almost 6500 work orders. Many of these were initiated by requestors outside of our schools. These requestors included local fire departments, insurance inspectors, local utilities, and our own maintenance and capital projects staff.  

    In general, work orders are completed on a “first in first out” basis. The priority level for a given work order is established based on the following criteria:

    • Impact on life safety and health.
    • Direct impact on instruction.
    • Potential for further damage to the structure, contents, or systems.
    • Available maintenance staffing.
    • Grade level affected. For example, elementary HVAC problems are a higher priority than secondary, due to the age of the students.


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