Supported Browsers

  • Blackboard Schoolwires, our website vendor supports these browsers:

    For PC users:

    • Microsoft Edge
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer  9, 10 & 11 Restrictions:  Metro version of IE10, IE11 and touch‐enabled devices are not supported. Compatibility View is not supported.
    • Mozilla Firefox, current stable version
    • Google Chrome, current stable version

    For Mac Users:

    • Apple Safari versions 6.x, 7x and 8.x.  Mac OS 10.7 or later

    Mobile Web App Requirements:

    • Supported WebKit-based browsers (does not include tablets; WebKit is an open source web browser )
    • Apple iOS 7.x – 8.x
    • 4.1 – 4.4 (Jelly Bean) – 5.0x (Lollipop)

    PC and Mac Viewing:

    • Adobe Flash Player, most recent stable version.
    • Recommended resolution: 1280 x 800 or higher.
    • Enable Cookies

    Do we want to hear about problems from you? Yes we do.

    One of the reasons for changing websites was to support mobile devices. Our new website design will collapse for smaller screens. There have been some hitches and these were corrected by Schoolwires technical support. If you are having display problems follow these steps:

    1. Check the support list above to verify that Schoolwires will support your device.
    2. In an email message to note the following:
      1. The device and browser you are using.
      2. The exact problem you are experiencing.
      3. An attached picture would help immensely.